I was cruising around on the YouTube and found the above video. I was really enthralled and decided to set out on a mission to find out who this band was and if they had any more music. I found out they are some Sene-theClubhouse collaborative project based in Brooklyn. However, the best part is that I found a mixtape.

The tape is self-titled (which means it’s called Recess, if you really have no idea) and it is first-rate. I think this is a pretty unique album as the beats are pretty eclectic. They have a Lupe sound in the intelligent, I actually know what I’m talking about kind of way. Maybe a little Flobots influence as well. I really like this album as it’s kind of your laid back chill out thing. Have you ever heard a song that just makes you feel really good inside and gives you goosebumps? Well, this whole album is capable of that, especially the DNA track.

Recess-Recess Mixtape