Haven’t really found any new music worth mentioning today yet. So I figured I’d send you all a link to download Spree Wilson’s new mixtape The Never Ending Now sponsored by Converse. Yes, the shoe company. One of my music-savvy friends mentioned this album to me and I can say that I’m glad he did.

Everything I’ve posted thus far has essentially been from hip-hop artists. Not this guy. Spree hails from the ATL and I definitely hear a little pre-Atlantic B.o.B. and Bruno Mars in his work. A sort of Hip-pop. No two songs in this album are alike and it’s hard to believe that the same guy sings Fields Turn Brown and The Beauty of Chaos. I wouldn’t say that the dude is a lyrical genius by any means but I think his ability to play multiple genres and blend them into an album is a big selling point.

Like I’ve stated before, in this world of mindless hip-hop, it really is refreshing to hear someone with a unique sound. Spree Wilson isn’t a conformist and there is no reason to confine him in a box. It’s a shame that his shit doesn’t get played on your regular Top 40 stations but he may actually be one of the most versatile artists in the hip-hop game.

Free Download from datpiff.com

Spree Wilson-The Never Ending Now