I know this tape has been out a few days, but this is the first chance I got to digest the whole thing. The verdict? I like it. Alot. Just started following him on Twitter and it looks like he could use some more followers. So check him out @yupitstate.

Tate Tucker is an LA kid who is attending Georgetown. I’m not sure why but he gives me the Pre-Sony Mike Posner/Preppy Private School vibe but it’s definitely a good thing.

This mixtape has so many sweet samples; I was really digging his remake of Shimmy Ya.  Remaking any Frank Ocean song is max swag, especially a song like Swim Good, which should be the song of the year. His lyrics are actually pretty intellectual, which is a nice change up from the mindless hip-hop that has been floating around lately. I’m not really sure if it’s party music but it definitely has that laid back Shwayze-esque flow to it. Cali Roots.

Anyway, download the damn thing, and let this sweet nectar penetrate your eardrums.

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Tate Tucker-Blue Dreams Mixtape