“In a future where freedom is outlawed, Outlaws will become heroes…”

StartYourOwnRebellion’s motto pretty much sums up what they stand for;  Standing out from the crowd as a group that is willing to use their creativity to their advantage. A virtual group (think Gorillaz but more hip-hop based) signed to J Cole’s Dreamville label, these guys have a nice smooth feel to them. The members of the group live in the future, specifically the year 3020, where freedom of expression is prohibited.

They have a unique sound, a sound that my roommate sounds like something Kid Cudi would sing on Man on The Moon II.

Laidback and mellow, this mixtape is pretty nice. Something to listen to when your studying for finals and wrapping up the school year.

StartYourOwnRebellion-LP3020 Mixtape

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