This song popped up on my Twitter feed this morning. I was never really a big Twitter guy before I started this blog, but I’m beginning to see why it’s so popular.

Soulcrate is a trio from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Yeah, you heard that right. This is the first single off their new EP called The Kick Rocks Collection due out May 23. I noticed they are touring around the Midwest starting at the end of May. They are going to be in Des Moines on June 10th. Unfortunately, it is only for the 21+ crowd. I’m not 21. This saddens me.

I’m really digging this song, with Minneapolis-based Prof, the flow is smooth and not impetuous at all. Right now I can’t think of anyone they sound like, which might be a good thing. Plus, the album art for their upcoming EP is ridiculously cool.

Soulcrate-Believe It