With the exception of Tyler, The Creator’s Goblin, this is the mixtape I’ve been most anticipating in the last month. I loved Tayyib’s Eighteen Mixtape  and after listening for the first time, couldn’t help but wonder when the next one was coming out. Both singles off the track that have already been released are dope, so I’ wasn’t really not expecting any less from the rest of the album.

This is swag as fuck. It was nice hearing some progression in Tayyib’s work without getting too far away from the sound of his first album. Dude still has some immaculate flow over some fun samples. The production of this album is fantastic and Tayyib’s unique style really stands out. I cannot find a song on this album that I don’t like and I know this is going to be getting quite a bit of play over the summer. With songs like Shwayze-esque “High Definition,” to songs like lyrically-charged “California Love,” Tayyib’s skill is showcased.

Tayyib creates a solid album, another guy to make a stronger sophomore tape than his debut album, a la Mac Miller’s KIDS. And to follow the Pennsylvania theme, I think he’ll be the next guy to blow up, following Wiz Khalifa, Chiddy Bang and Mac Miller. Download the whole mixtape, it’s something you won’t regret.

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Tayyib Ali-Keystone State of Mind Mixtape