Odd Future is staying independent. With some major backing. RED Distribution/Sony Records has made a deal with Odd Future signing them to, you guessed it, Odd Future Records. It sounds like OFR will be an entity under RED distribution but run and operated by Odd Future. Odd Future will be retaining creative control of their music and won’t have to adhere to to the same rules as other signed artists.
This sounds pretty exciting for Odd Future; a big record company backing them as they move on forward while retaining their creative control. Based on Tyler’s tweets, we’ll assume their doing the same shit with the same people. I’m not sure about Frank Ocean (Signed by Def Jam) or Earl Sweatshirt (Samoan military school?), but it appears they’ll be back. It’ll be interesting to see if more artists are able to sign deals like this or if Odd Future is an anomaly. We all know that Odd Future’s content, no matter how unique, shocking, and unorthodox it is, has been a large part in their rise in hip-hop the past four months or so. Hopefully, this collaboration will be a success and set a precedent for artists in the future and a spreading of wealth in the hip-hop world.

Odd Future may have just struck gold without selling out. Maybe even platinum. Golf Wang.

Here’s the MTV release

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