I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about Roosh Williams lately, so I thought I’d give him a listen. Video above is his song No Hard Feelings, featuring fellow Houston natives Killa Kyleon and Renzo.

Roosh is a Houston-based artists who has shared the stage with notables such as XV, Chiddy Bang, and Wale. A couple days ago he dropped the mixtape Common Struggles of a Modern Man, presented by PairadimeMuisc and MostlyJunkFood

The production of this album is great, whoever picked the beats and samples did an excellent job. Roosh has an array of unique sounds, but the one most notable to me was a booming, deep voice, something that seems like it could have conceivably come out of the mouth of a mid 90s rapper by the name of Tupac Shakur. Lyrically, he’s nowhere as good as Tupac yet, but he entertains with some witty, honest and critical rhymes. Roosh is no Tupac, but he’s a nice up and coming artist.

Overall, the album is quite solid and it’s something that I would listen to again. I guess the hype was warranted.

Roosh Williams-Common Struggles of a Modern Man Mixtape