For all the Odd Future posts I’ve had the last few days, I thought it would be appropriate to toss another one up this morning.

If you haven’t seen the Adult Swim commercials lately, Odd Future is making their own show. It’s being hyped as cross between Jackass and Chappelle’s Show with Adult Swim calling it “Blackass.” Get it? Adult Swim is so clever, combining words and shit.

However, it sounds like this isn’t going to be the actual name of the show. Tyler, The Creator tweeted that it wasn’t the name of the show, which only leads to more speculation.

Now let’s consider this whole development for a minute. Odd Future, quite possibly the best group in the game at using social media to get their music out (except maybe Soulja Boy, if that even counts), making their own TV show. Not only that but it allegedly is influenced by both Chappelle’s Show, quite possibly the most popular show amongst teen to college aged kids, even today four years after it ceased running and Jackass, another favorite amongst the same group of kids. This sounds unbelievable. I’m not touting it as the greatest show ever, it hasn’t even aired yet, but I have high expectations. You better know for damn sure I’m watching the premier episode.