Tyler, The Creator x Goblin

Sorry this is basically turning into an Odd Future blog the last couple days, but this song really deserved to be posted. I spotted this at HypeTrak.com. You’ve probably heard the snippet to this song, the snippet played when you click on that Goblin popup at a bunch of other blogs. Bass heavy and Tyler’s grizzly voice and flow keep this song tight. Embodies the usually sharp and ridiculous lyricism of Tyler with lines like “Rape a pregnant bitch and tell my friends I had a threesome” and “Cut her like a barber with a Parkinson’s Disorder.” Tyler definitely plays the shock value card but it works because it’s so far out of the box.
This will be on the Goblin album coming out in less than 2 weeks. Respect the artist and buy the album. The hype is tremendous.
Goblin 5.10.11

Tyler, The Creator-Tron Cat

Update: Apparently, Tyler claims this isn’t going to be the version on the album. Although it sounds identical to snippet from Amazon. Hmm, I’m speculating that that 20 seconds of beats at the end is all the difference.