First off, shout out to GoodMusicAllDay for sponsoring this album.

PJ Simas is a Cali kid attending Cal Poly. I had obtained his song Ocean Drop awhile ago and it kind of just sat on my iTunes until I tossed my iPod on shuffle one day and the song came up. I was really feeling it, thinking it was another artist, until I looked down and saw it was made by this PJ Simas guy. The song has been heavy rotation in my pod since then, and I played it at a few parties when I was home to good reviews. Yes, I’m that guy at every party that plays music off his iPod and gives people dirty looks when they try to play some country or shit like that. They deserve it, damn it.

It appears PJ self-produced this album and the dude definitely has a future as a producer as well as an artist. He does an excellent job at putting together the project with both chill and heavier beats with an array of instruments, especially guitar, and does a phenomenal job of both singing and rapping. His lyrics are truthful, honest, and insightful; Something you don’t see from many artists. He has a bit of a raspy voice like Sam Adams but it definitely isn’t all about bitches, smoking, and money. It’s about life. And that vibes with me.

PJ Simas-Triple Play Album