I was studying all day yesterday for finals so I figured I’d digest some new music as a way of procrastinating. I started browsing around my favorite blog, PigeonsAndPlanes, and found this dandy mixtape. Dean and Ravo has been getting a lot of buzz on some forums and the shout out widgets on a few blogs so I thought I’d give them a listen.

A hip-hop/pop duo from New York, Dean and Ravo are unique in the fact that one raps (Dean), and one sings (Ravo). This mixtape came out two months ago but I thought it was good enough to revisit.

I can see why these guys are getting so much attention lately. They play over some heavy samples but also some lighter ones with pianos. The rapping/singing combo works out well as it really balances out the voice of the music. These guys have some catchy choruses, choruses that I’m pretty sure I’ll be singing to myself in front of passerby pedestrians for awhile. They remind me of Shwayze, more so Let It Beat album Shwayze, but essentially on steroids. They don’t have quite the completely chill/stoner vibe that Shwayze has but it’s close, just somewhere to closer to upbeat on my vibe spectrum. These guys don’t produce club bangers; they’re much better than that. I can tell these guys will be getting a lot more play on my iPod in the near future.

Dean and Ravo-A to B Mixtape