I spotted After The Smoke’s single One in a Million on EarMilk and wanted to find some more. I gave their EP, White Girls and Red Velvet Cake, a spin, liked what I heard and thought I’d share it with you.

After The Smoke is a duo based in Tallahassee, Florida and consists of Whuzi (Dope name) as the lyricist, and Speek as the producer. As stated earlier, these guys dropped a four song EP titled White Girls and Red Velvet Cake. They have a smooth, chill vibe over some dreary and also heavy beat tracks. I can’t really think of who compares in term of style, which  is definitely a good thing. They have a unique sound and definitely blend some genres with some R&B, a little pop, and a touch of hip-hop. Some metaphors and similes in their music, which I like. Tons of lyrics about women as the title of the EP would indicate. The red velvet cake obviously is implying how smooth they are. At least to me.

They’ll definitely be getting some rotation on my iTunes whenever I want some chill stuff when I’m walking back to class or studying or just wanna vibe out. Give them a listen below, and download the EP if you would like. You’ll want to download it, I promise.

After The Smoke-White Girls and Red Velvet Cake EP