Fuck a dollar and a dream, got 99 cents and a nightmare.”

Caught this on MJF yesterday and had to share it with everyone.

Kardi describes himself as “the opposite of that Waka Flocka shit.” He’s a Bronx, New York-based artist who is still in high school. Still in high school. Stuff like that amazes me. At his age, I was out doing high school/rebellious kid stuff and here this guy is releasing a solid mixtape.

The opposite of Waka Flocka is definitely a good description of his music. Think of him as your English professor rapping but way more swag. Intellectual lyrics with tons of similes, metaphors, paradoxes and double entendres. The kid is a wordsmith. Lyrically, he’s probably the best right now at his age, besides one Odd Future member who may or may not be in boarding school in Samoa right now. The tracks are an eclectic mix with some heavy beats accompanied by a variety of instruments. He’s got a bit of a throwback East Coast vibe, something that could possibly have been produced 15 years ago and no one would have blinked an eye. Kardi may be the best artist who hasn’t even graduated high school and this mixtape proves it.

Kardi-The Valedictorian Mixtape