Howard Zinn is dead, I must be Noam Chomsky

Sole let this one loose on Twitter today. As one of the most literate, intellectual artists today, Sole drops another politically charged song. If you didn’t know, Noam Chomsky is a professor at MIT, the father of modern linguistics, who is known for being critical of American capitalism. Your parents probably know who he is.
Sole kills it on this track and the fact that he’s at a podium gives the feel that he’s preaching his views, which he definitely is. Lines about Zinn, Vonnegut, and the crisis in the Middle East are prevalent throughout the song. It’s a good track to at least listen to if you care about what’s happening in the world today.
The thing I really like about Sole is he raps about current issues and it’s not all that bitches, hoes, and money shit. As a lyricist, his ability to name drop and relate is phenomenal. We need more like Sole in this day and age.

Update: You could say Sole is based, the way he speaks about what he believes and doesn’t confine himself to a box. Well, it looks like the BasedGod, Lil B, is going to be featured on Sole’s new album, Hello Cruel World, set to drop July 19th. This could be interesting. And awesome.