Spotted this on MJF earlier tonight. I have finals next week so I’ve been hitting the books pretty hard the last couple days. What I’m trying to say is, I’m down for listen to any new music I can get a hold of to pass the time by. This EP is similar to the Tripp mixtape I posted last week, in terms of expectations. I had absolutely none. And I was blown away.

On Your Side was pretty highly anticipated as Gerald Walker has started to make a name for himself. I follow a bunch of other blogs and he’s been getting some rave reviews. With Cardo of the Taylor Gang fortune producing, this album warranted a listen.

Let me start by saying that it seems Gerald Walker is a smart guy. His lines are witty and he gives that intellectual hip-hop vibe. Sounds like he’s a Chicago kid and I think he definitely has some influence from Lupe in terms of content. Related, the titles of some of his tracks are long but still witty. Lots of double entendres in this dudes lyrics. Some of his references are very observational and cause a rewind of the track, just to make sure you heard what you just heard. Stuff that you’ve never thought about being linked together, but it totally makes sense now that you hear it.

I honestly couldn’t find a song that I didn’t like. I like to think I’m pretty picky when it comes to determining if I like a song or not but there definitely wasn’t anything in the gray area. Everything was good. The album is smooth and although the beats are a little redundant they vibe well with me. Walker’s delivery is unique, at times he sings like Drake but it’s way more swag. The only artist that I thought Walker was similar to was another Chicago-based artist, Rockie Fresh. So you understand why I was so ecstatic when Miserable At Best featuring Rockie Fresh came up. I started bobbing my head and my roommate came in my room asking what the fuck I was doing. Then, he listened. He liked it too. This is the same kid that decides if he likes a song by listening to the first 30 seconds and the hook. Those are his only two determining factors, seriously. If a musically challenged person likes this EP, it’s definitely good.

Overall, dope lyrics over some sick beats. This seems like one of those albums you can toss in when you want to chill or just driving around; the hooks are catchy making it those sing-a-long types. Until you get weird looks from other people. That’s when you roll down the window and they agree, that yes, the music you are listening to is phenomenal.

Gerald Walker is a nice new emcee and I’ll be interested to listen to his stuff in the future. He seems like a force to be reckoned with.

Gerald Walker-On Your Side EP