Lonny Broudeux

Here’s some new Frank Ocean. I’ve been high on this guy since I downloaded Nostalgia, Ultra  a few months ago. Another upbeat R&B song that I’m totally digging. Mr. Ocean, of the Odd Future fortune, continues to do his thing and I really feel his sound, along with The Weeknd, will start getting a lot of radio play. I’ve never been a big R&B guy but these guys are starting to change my mind. The lyrics are less outlandish compared to some of the songs on Nostalgia, but they work and his voice is amazing.  This will definitely be on my summer playlist.

It sounds like Frank Ocean is going to be featured on a few of Tyler’s tracks off Goblin and I think this could be keep to Tyler’s progression as an artist. Instead of just rapping about raping women, he’ll be doing it sensually. Okay, that sounds fucked up but you know what I mean. I’ll just stop now and let you listen.

Frank Ocean-U Got It