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You guys know what eargasms are, right? Well get ready to clean up after listening to this album.
Aer consists of David von Mering and Carter Schultz, a duo from Massachusetts. I got a listen to their last mixtape Water on the Moon awhile ago and I liked what I heard. They’ve had the title song for this album out for awhile and I thought it was awesome, so I was definitely waiting to download the whole tape. They finally dropped The Reach today, and I can tell you guys this is phenomenal chill stuff.

The feel is definitely a reggae/alternative/acoustic hip-hop thing. If somehow you were to combine Slightly Stoopid, Shwayze, and maybe a touch of MGMT I think you would come up with these guys. The whole tape is really mellow with lots of cool beats and the acoustic stuff is crazy good. The perfect setting for this song would just be a day out on the quad staring at the clouds, playing some Frisbee (no bromo), and watching the time pass by. The whole album is solid and I really think these guys have a promising career ahead of them. If anything this will album will put them on the map and I’m sure they are going to get a lot more publicity after people start listening to this tape, passing it on to their friends, their dealer, etc. Overall, a chill album that will be perfect for those lazy days this summer.

Aer-The Reach Mixtape