“Wilbon shit, pardon the interruption”

Took a look at this earlier and I didn’t know what to think. If you ask my friends, they’ll tell you I’m a douchebag, which is true and it’s something I embrace as a preppy, suburban rich kid. It’s going to sound weird, but this song kind of spoke to me. Or at least gave me a reason to laugh at my own ways.

Myles Mills, also known as Skizzy Mars, dropped this today. He’s a NYC-based artist and from the research I’ve done it looks like he’s about 18 years old. Even though he shares his name with another Mars, Bruno, it’s not that annoying voice that Bruno has. It’s fresh and something that is definitely catchy

This is the first song I’ve heard from Skizzy, but I like the laid back beat and the lazy flow of the song. The whole thing is metaphor heavy with some pretty dope references that have you rewind the song or at least listen to it again. I’m interested in getting my hands on some more of this guy’s stuff in the future.

Spotted at GoodMusicAllDay

Skizzy Mars-Douchebag