Do what makes you fucking happy, cuz at the end, whose there? You.

I’ve been waiting for this album to come out for over a year. I’ll admit, at the beginning I didn’t know what to think of this seemingly schizophrenic skater kid and his crazy lyrics. But he grew on me. It wasn’t so much the words as much as the passion and the ability to push boundaries that I started to like. Then, I just like everything about him. The charisma, the shows, the interviews, everything. So when I found out a few months ago that Tyler had signed a deal with XL to put out Goblin, I was worried that he would lose some of his creative control. He didn’t lose any.

The album finally dropped today. This is the first album I’ve bought off iTunes since Cudi’s second album if that tells you how much I despise music that costs money. But with all the hype and hope I gave it, it was worth it. I understand that this will be the most polarizing album of the year. Everyone is going to have an opinion and most people are either going to absolutely love it, or absolutely hate it. I don’t really see a medium anywhere. You guys know how much I like Odd Future so you can guess how I feel about the album.

If you haven’t listened to Bastard, I highly recommend that you download and listen to it before you check out Goblin. It’ll make more sense and you can see what Tyler was all about, as well as see how much he has progressed.
Update: I just realized Tyler dropped Goblin on his nemesis Brandun DeShay’s birthday. Coincidence? With all the beef they’ve had, I would think not.

Goblin’s main setting is in Tyler’s therapist’s office. I’m not always the biggest fan of concept albums like this, but I feel that it helps show the thoughts that Tyler has, more thoughts than were displayed in Bastard. At the start, Tyler is meeting with Doctor TC and going through his problems.

The rape, misogyny, murder, and just crazy shit are still prominent, but it seems that Tyler is getting better through his therapy. He teams up with Frank Ocean and Hodgy Beats throughout the album to give songs a much more mellow feel, something that didn’t happen in Bastard. The rest of the album has appearances from the rest of the Odd Future gang, minus Earl. I wouldn’t say the album is necessarily Bastard II, because it’s obvious Tyler no longer raps to the same extent about the animosity toward the father that made him a bastard but it’s close. Which no one should mind.

We’ve seen interviews with Tyler where he talks about his alter-egos such as Ace, Wolf Haley, and we are introduced to Tron Cat. Wolf Haley is to Tyler what Slim Shady was to Eminem; the anti-social persona that doesn’t give a fuck about anything, causing mayhem as he pleases. We’re also introduced to Tron Cat; Tyler’s newest alter-ego that tells him to burn and destroy shit.

A few times in the album Tyler talks about losing his best friend and how he misses Thebe. That’s Earl. Obviously the loss of Earl is bothering Tyler and we explore this more throughout the album.At the end of the album, Tyler is again confronted by Doctor TC about Earl. With Earl being such a touchy subject for Tyler, he flips and the fight between Tyler and Doc TC escalates. By the end of the album Tyler figures out who all his alter-egos are.

Dark and dreary, and mixed with Tyler’s deep authoritative, and ominous, almost evil voice, the album still has the same feel as Bastard. However, Tyler shows a lot of progression in his new album. Tyler is witty in his rhymes with lines such as “Rape a pregnant bitch and tell my friends I had a threesome,” but he is by no means a wordsmith yet. However, the energy and passion he brings, as well as his ability to push boundaries and allow us to see not just him, but his alter-egos makes this one of the best albums of the year. The craziest thing is that this kid is only 20; he has years ahead of him, and to think that he could make an album like this before he could even legally drink (he doesn’t anyway, or smoke) is amazing. It’ll be interesting to see how much this guy progresses within the next few years and if Odd Future will really change hip-hop and the music world.

Buy the album and be prepared to be mindfucked.