I’ve been listening to this the last couple days and thought I’d show it to you guys.
Jesse James Rutherford is a 19 year old self-proclaimed hipster from LA. He did this whole album himself: wrote it, rapped it, sang it, produced it. This kid definitely has some versatility and from song to song has a different feel. By my count, I have Mickey Avalon, some Childish Gambino delivery, Mac Miller, old-school Eminem flow, and he’s every bit unique for this.
The beats on this tape are incredibly dope. Apparently, he finished this whole thing in two weeks which is almost Tupac’s Seven Day Theory fast (Obviously). The thing I like is that his lyrics are actually meaningful as he basically raps about his life. He forms the epitome of a hipster on his track Too Cool For You To Know while talking about how tight his jeans are in other tracks and Drug Baby is dope (pun intended). There really isn’t a song on the whole album I didn’t like and he really embodies the fun hip-hop that’s been going around lately with a lot of witty lyrics and references to women. The chatter throughout the album is pretty cool, and actually shows some of his views. He’s planning on making it big and with tapes like this he’s well on his way.

Jesse James-Love Hurts, Love Heals Mixtape