Even after Rolling Papers, Wiz has been putting out a ton of new stuff. This time he teams up with England’s finest Tinie Tempah for a song that is supposed to be on the re-released version of Disc-Overy for the United States. The song is pretty nice and chill, and somehow a British man’s voice isn’t annoying. This reminds me of that song on Wiz’s Northern Lights mixtape and I’m pretty sure it’s the exact same first verse. On a side note, I don’t have much exposure in European hip-hop, and I was wondering if Tinie Tempah is a premier artist or on what echelon is he at? No disrespect, I like him, but I’m just curious where he stands in the English ranks.

Spotted at GMAD
Tinie Tempah-Til I’m Gone Ft. Wiz Khalifa