Somehow, this submission had gotten into my spam folder. Glad I was able to find and pull it back out.
D’Andre Harper, aka Safe2woSay, is an artist and producer from New Jersey. We had a pretty interesting exchange of emails where he told me that he makes music not for fame or fame but because he enjoys doing it and being able to create stuff that other people can relate to. He also thinks everyone needs to be heard, hence his name, a word play of Safe To Say. A true idealist.

On Better Behave, he mixes an Imogen Heap track and makes it pretty swag. At this point, this guy reminds me of a rougher Tayyib Ali but he definitely has talent. As, I stated earlier in terms of connecting with others, every college student can relate to this jam. The flow is nice and the lyrics are pretty thoughtful, something that definitely makes him unique amongst the mindless hip-hop we’ve been hearing lately. I’m looking forward to hearing some more Safe2toSay in the future and charting his progression.