I’ve had this one for a few days but I haven’t really had the time to write an actual review. Now that I’m finally done with finals and almost done packing my shit for the summer, I figured I had enough time to show you my thoughts.

Scienze is a NYC-based emcee. I’ve really been feeling this album. I’ve always felt that there should be a noticeable difference between a mixtape and an album sold for $$$. This is one of those projects I wouldn’t mind paying for because the production is great and in actuality, it really does resemble an album or at least an EP in turns of feel.
The beats are pretty nice but it seems like their all pretty similar, which is alright, but I feel you could almost make this one large song with breaks in that sense. The features are all pretty nice and it includes theClubhouse’s Sene, the dude that was the singer for the Recess mixtape.
Lyrically, this is the shit. He reminds me of a soulful Kanye, think College Dropout/Late Registration before all that bigger than the world ego that Kanye acquired. Each song is well thought out and the lyrics convey a real message. By my calculations real lyrics with real message equals real music and that’s what this is. The album as a whole, with the beats and lyrics, make a stellar, mellow throwback, something that we could definitely cop in the mid 90s. This album is definitely going to get some rotation and I’ve decided the album title is pretty fitting. It’s simple, but it’s art.

Scienze-Simple Aesthetic EP