I spotted this on 2DopeBoyz a couple days and figured it warranted a download. Focus is a producer/artist known for his work with Aftermath and he was the producer for Mala Rodriquez’s Latin Grammy winning song “No Pidas Perdon”

Focus obviously produced the album himself and it’s pretty solid. There are some nice samples and the album as a whole feels complete. To me, it seems that the whole album is a critique of  the current state of the music industry, and if that’s the case, then Focus’ observational skills are phenomenal. My only problem with approaching an album this way is that it can come off as complaining if every track is just a critique, rather than maybe only a handful of songs. This tape definitely has a throwback vibe to it, which is prevalent in the samples. Focus has some nice flow, and a great delivery, but it seems that sometimes the lyrics are forced, although they are well thought out.
Overall, Focus produced a nice mixtape in Music of the Misinterpreted but it seems sometimes it’s a little too strongly themed. Nonetheless, it’s worth a listen and will probably find some rotation on your iTunes.

Focus…- Music of the Misinterpreted