“They say I’m bi-polar, I say I’m bi-winning”

I’ve been pretty high on artist/poet Skizzy Mars since he dropped his single “Douchebag” a couple days ago and went on a search to find more. However, my roommate and I started looking for odes to Emilio Estevez’s brother (What? The Might Ducks was tight)  tonight and lo and behold we find the Skizzy Mars version. I’m a big Childish Gambino fan too and when I heard the beat for “Freeks and Geeks,” I about shit a brick. I also found it pretty ironic (is that the word?) that he chose the beat used by an actor (Donald Glover) to rap about an actor (Chucky Sheen). Nice choice, Skizzy, nice choice.

Over the ill electro beat, Skizzy, showcasing his lyricism, drops some dope Charlie Sheen lines (Pun intended). And just crazy good lines in general. This track may be a little older than “Douchebag” but it still shows Skizzy definitely has some talent. Gambino may have done it first, but Skizzy’s version is just as good.

Out of NYC, Skizzy is quickly becoming my favorite up and coming artist and I’d love to get my hands on some of his new stuff when it comes out.

Skizzy Mars-Charlie Sheen

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