I’m a pretty liberal person, however, sometimes I love watching Fox News just because I perceive it as being so ridiculous. So when I heard that Fox News was getting their panties in a twist about a “rapper” coming to the White House, I figured it had to be Lil Wayne, or Kanye, or maybe even Tyler, The Creator. Nope, Common. Are you serious? People are freaking out because Common, of all people, was going to be part of the White House poetry event? Sure, he supports the freeing of Mumia Abu-Jamal and had been critical of our previous presidency, but he brings a perspective that needs to be seen.

Here’s a pretty cool video Common put up following him on his visit. I feel that with White America, especially Conservative White America, that “rapper” has such a negative connotation because the majority of the US is out of whack in their perception of the music world. When they hear “rap” they think gang bangers, drunk dealers, and illicit lyrics. Not thoughtful lyrics, progressive, and positive, some themes I think Common embodies.