I’ve always felt that if you made a song just of Wiz’s laugh, it could sell. I’m not sure why, but anything the guy puts out is considered awesome. Well, Kendrick Lamar goes through some beats and starts impersonating Wiz Khalifa. I don’t know if Kendrick is high or not, but he definitely has the stoned Wiz vibe in this freestyle. With a hook. That’s sick. Apparently, he’s just playing around and he actually likes Wiz.
I’d love to see if Wiz could do an impersonation of Kendrick Lamar, or anyone else for that matter.

Oh, the laugh at the end is spot on too.

UPDATE: Apparently, Wiz thought it was all cool and he respects Kendrick and his ability as an artist. He also claims he can do a nice Jeezy impression. I’m waiting for this.