I’ve been giving this album a listen for about a week or so and finally was getting around to posting it. Turns out, PigeonsAndPlanes beat me to it. Ah oh well, at least we can agree it’s good music.

Jhameel has an interesting story, he speaks four languages and actually was about to join the military through a program at Cal-Berkeley. Sounds like he had some second thoughts and decided against the program, graduating from Berkeley (Fucking prestigious public school Berkeley) in two years with a degree in Arabic. You can find out more at his website.

This album is a pretty nice set. Jhameel speaks on many different topics. The thing that really sets this album apart from any other indie album is the melodies of the music. I can’t even call them beats because they are so nice. Definitely has an array of guitar, synthesizers, and solid percussion, all of which Jhameel plays throughout the album. Every song has a distinct sound and no two songs are alike. I really think he sounds like some kind of MGMT and Phoenix fusion, however, his emphasis on the actual melody is and singing about relevant topics is unique.

Jhameel really put together a solid album and with this very interesting backstory, I’m hoping that all works out for him. It would be especially great if he put out another album like this.

Here is the title song to the album and the download below:

Jhameel-The Human Condition