Ever since I heard the Recess mixtape, I’ve been a big fan of Brooklyn artist Sene He’s previously done work with Blu, who dropped his new album a couple days ago. So it only makes sense that Sene would drop Metropolispeaker out of nowhere, too. It’s nicely produced by Swiss producer No Games, with co-producing credit going to Sene. Most of the singing vocals, as opposed to rapping, belong to Britain Parker who has a swag feel to him. Sene may be from Brooklyn but they went all the way to No Games territory, Lausanne, Switzerland to record the album.

I really like this album, it reminds me of the Recess tape except a bit more edgier. The beats are all pretty dope and a couple even have a psychedelic feel to them as well as some throwback beats that are very reminiscent of the early 90s. As usual, Sene kills it on the mic. Well thought out lyrics and a nice delivery give this album a nice, comfortable setting that you can listen to virtually anywhere. I may have been ignorant before, but with the likes of Sene, Blu, and Skizzy Mars, maybe NYC has more to offer than just Jay-Z.

Here’s a sample and download below