Here’s some new Drizzy stuff with Drake dropping “Dreams Money Can Buy.” I’ve never been the biggest Drake fan, in fact one of my favorite artists right now is a West Coast guy I would consider the Anti-Drake, but he’s something I don’t mind listening to every once in awhile.
Nice, laid back beat, something I feel could have come off The Weeknd’s House of Balloons mixtape. It’s a Jai Paul sample, by the way. Drake’s got his typical flow, creating a nice, lazy feeling song. I’m a little disappointed in the actual lyrical content of the song but it’s still an excellent track nonetheless. Well, that and the fact that Drake thought it was a good idea to start singing mid-verse. Definitely So Far Gone Drake as opposed to Thank Me Later Drake. Makes me wonder what his sound would be like if he wasn’t signed with Young Money. Whether you like it or not, that wheelchair kid from DeGrassi can create some legitimate music.

Drake-Dreams Money Can Buy