Found this on G-Eazy’s tumblr today and thought it was worth sharing. I’ve just recently discovered G-Eazy but I’m really digging what he has put out so far.

G-Eazy drops “It’s Not Easy” with a mashed up, bass-heavy version of that old ass Kermit The Frog song from Sesame street. Also featuring said Sesame Street character, one of their finest. A nice laid back track with a smooth flow. I really like Mr. Eazy’s flow and delivery on this track and the lyrics are interesting, in that he tells a story about how he’s been influential in terms of music and artists reusing the same beats he’s sampled. The lazy vibe of the song is definitely something that I like and this will definitely be played on my iPod this summer.

UPDATE: I’m taking a look at G-Eazy’s super-dope album The Outsider and I should have a review and link for it later today. Whenever the fuck I wake up, that is.