Might as well keep this Mac Miller theme going for at least one more post, right? Mac dropped this track to celebrate 400,000 followers on Twitter. He’s been dropping a new song every 100,000 followers.
A pretty sweet Temper Trap sample with another laid back Mac-style song. For once, the whole song isn’t about smoking as the premise of the song is a girl that he left to continue his music career and put out music for his fans and himself. A nice melodic flow definitely feels like something that could have been on Best Day Ever. I’m on the fence on this one. I like it, but it seems like it’s not something I’ll be listening to all the time. We’ll see.

As stated in the last post, it seems that Mac is definitely a quantitative guy over a qualitative guy in terms of his music lately. The plus side is that most of his new stuff has been at least decent, so maybe putting out music in sheer volume is working well for Mr. Mac.