Well I was planning on just being able to send you guys a link so you could read it online. Of course, The New Yorker has to be a piece of shit and only allows those who subscribe to see the article, even now, after the actual article was released in print. This makes no sense to me at all, as I don’t really think this article is aimed at the regular demographics of the magazine. I decided that copying each page and posting it on here would be more enjoyable than paying whatever the ridiculous subscription price is.

As I posted earlier, interesting stuff with Earl, his mom and Odd Future, as well as the “Free Earl” chants. The article is pretty damn long (8,000ish words) but well written and something that you’ll probably find enjoyable whether you love or hate Odd Future.

Whatever, here is each page of the article. Click to enlarge.

Update: Sorry  for being an asshole and not letting the links open in new windows. I hate having to hit the back button all the time and I’m sure you guys do too. Each image now enlarges in a new window.