I was listening to The Dean’s List, wondering why if and when they would have a concert in the Midwest, and if they were going to release any new music soon. Well, I got my last question answered within about 45 minutes.

Anyone that follows The Dean’s List knows that they have two catchphrases: “Dean’s List or Die Young” and the ever so different “Fuck it, I’m Young.” I was really digging this song with it’s typical Dean’s List feel. Sonny Shotz kills it. I wish the song was a little longer but beggars can’t be choosers.

Then, I find out they dropped a music video for the song and I’m thinking “What the fuck is this?” I seriously have no idea what the music video has to do with the song but it’s somehow cool nonetheless. I’m not sure why, but the video just screams Odd Future to me; this is something they would do. Anyway, the song is dope, the visuals are weird, which by my calculations equals a weirdly dope video. Hopefully someone knows what’s going on with this video.