Finally, some new Asher Roth that doesn’t suck. I’m just kidding, I know I’m harder on him than most, but let’s be honest, his quality has been slacking for quite some time, years in fact. With that being said, I’m digging this new song called “Last Man Standing.” Pretty good lyrically, as good as Asher can be at least, some excellent wordplay, and it’s definitely a change from the white poppy/hip-hop artist persona he’s had lately, along with Mike Posner. This is one of the few times that I don’t mind hearing Akon being featured in a track because the beat matches up very well with his voice. This is supposed to be on Asher’s upcoming album, which is still untitled, and hopefully he can get back on track. Actually, I just tried to download the song on soundcloud and it didn’t work because of Universal copyrighting. This definitely means the song is going to be on the album. Guarantee it.
Also, any song that has artwork of a statue dude kicking a baby is swag as hell in my book.

Download: Asher Roth-Last Man Standing Ft. Akon