“Yeah, I’m cool, I’m hot, I’m what everyone gravitates to”

I’m normally not a big fan of dubstep or even bangers unless I’m good and hammered. I feel dubstep is something you grind on slutty bitches for and everything else is chilling. With dubstep I feel you get too lost in the actual beat and lose sight of what the lyrics mean. Rant aside, I caught this on Theo Martin’s website and I might have to rethink my music ideals (if you can call them that.)

Fact, this is an absolute banger. Fact, this is fucking awesome. Flux Pavillion produced the track into an absolute dubstep gem. I love Theo’s flow and his lyric content is as cool as a Siberian Winter. Plus, anybody that drops Karl Malone, and Scottie Pippen in a track deserves some respect. Expecting to play this at a few parties, and expecting tons of people to start bobbing their heads. And grinding, yes, dirty dancing.