People sleep on artists all the time. We’re too focused watching people rise to mainstream, we lose sight of other players, and what they stand for. Julius Myth is underrated but with the stuff he’s been putting out in the last six months or so, he looks like he may be on the rise.

Julius Myth is an NYC based artist. Dude reminds me a lot of Jay-Z in terms of his flow and his actual voice. “100 Feet Up” is a chill song that you can definitely just kick back to. The kids singing in the chorus is pretty dope too, I really can’t tell you why. I’ve been listening to the guy’s stuff the last six months or so and everything he has put out has been solid. Like I said, sometimes we fuck up and sleep on artists. Don’t sleep on Julius Myth.

Bonus:Some older, dope Julius Myth. Cartoon reference heavy.