I’ll admit that I know a lot more about hip-hop than indie music, especially now because I put so much more work into the hip-hop scene instead of indie. However, I know that I like Manchester Orchestra and I like good music. Therefore, Manchester Orchestra must be good. Mean Everything to Nothing was an album that I played heavily while I was in high school and is still something I’ll play time to time.

I saw a short, maybe 15 second, clip of this video on MTV like a month ago and didn’t really think anything of it. I finally watched the video today and I was blown away. This song is one of my favorite indie songs this year and the visuals are just as dope. It’s definitely a sad song, but the lyrics, beat and visuals are spot on. This is nearly perfect. The whole time I was watching this I kept thinking about Inception. Probably because they seem comparable, but also just because their both dope.