Caught this over at GMAD today and thought it was definitely worth reposting.

I like mashups but it seems the  amount of good mashups being posted as opposed to mashups being posted is pretty small. We all know we like guys like Brenton Duvall but for the most part mashups have a lot to be desired; not this one by Juicebox.

Juicebox mixes some Wiz Khalifa, 50 Cent and Shawn Mullins. You’re probably all wondering who Shawn Mullins is; don’t do that Google search just yet. Play the song and once you’re about 30 seconds in you’ll for sure know who he is, or at least what he sang. I felt kind of stupid after realizing who he was but whatever. This is a nice mix that you could definitely whip out at a party. Well any party that doesn’t rely on a country music heavy rotation.