“At the club, celebrating like I’m not the father on Maury.”

Skizzy Mars was nice enough to send me this song earlier last night, before the official release. Baller. Unfortunately, I was out with my friends getting shitfaced and stuff so I didn’t see it until today. Kind of a fuck up on my part, this song is dope. I’ve been pretty high on Skizzy in the last month or so. “Douchebag” is still my anthem, because you know, I’m a pompous bastard.

Skizzy may be 17 years old, but he’s well beyond his years in lyricism; I’ve found myself rewinding this song over and over just to do one of those “did he really do that” things where my jaw drops and then I start bobbing my head. His flow is like the Nile River except a bit smoother. I think Skizzy has one of those mesmerizing voices that actually makes you pay attention to the lyrics. I’m really digging the beat; for some reason it reminds me of the Renaissance, and we all know how profound that era was. Overall, great production and a great song by Skizzy Mars which very well could put him on the map.

Skizzy definitely isn’t an artist to sleep on. With the singles “Profound” and “Douchebag” he’s been making quite some noise. Pretty good for a kid that can’t even vote yet. If he really is Drake, Cudi, and Wiz combined, he’ll be a force to be reckoned with very soon.