This is your Breakfast Cereal; think of it as your morning delivery. A song to get you going each morning, when we all know you want to sleep in and lay around for another four hours or so. So grab a spoon and dig in.

I know I’ve already posted this song once, but the more I think about it, this definitely should be the low-wage worker’s anthem. Almost anyone can relate to most of the lyrics at some point in their life, especially those younger years when you’re doing shit work for next to nothing. This video was never actually released with College Dropout but it eventually weaseled it’s way out and was pretty sweet. If you have a job, ( I’m sorry, luckily I don’t because I’m a privileged lazy white college student) blast this song today and think about taking it to the man. Just don’t assault your manger, that could be a problem you don’t want to have. And don’t steal, that’s equally bad.