This video exposes two of my guilty pleasures. First, listening to Rihanna’s music, normally when I’m by myself so my friends don’t think I’m weird or anything and two, thinking about how fucking awesome it would be to date Rihanna. Chick is smoking. And she’s rich. And she can sing.

Anyway, here’s the video for “Man Down.” The video was shot in some country called Jamaica; I’m sure the weather is always shitty there. As a “closeted-Rihanna fan” I can definitely say I dig the lyrics and reggae inspired beats of this song. However, the whole time I was watching this I just kept thinking of my favorite Jamaican crime movie Shottas. Also, since I’m a doucebag I’ll mention this, did anyone think of  the Chris Brown fiasco when the other club goer attacks her? Yeah, me too. Definitely isn’t the greatest video ever, but the relevancy is there and Rihanna looks fine as hell. Almost as fine as in that “All of The Lights” music video. Yummy.