This mixtape is a perfect example of why it pays to follow a whole bunch of blogs. I caught this because Jamarcus over at MostlyJunkFood posted it yesterday and really haven’t stopped listening to it yet. Jasyc and BC are a couple kids out of LA; I’ve been trying to get some more information on them, but the only thing I’ve really been able to find is their Facebook pages. So more on that when I get something.

I think this tape could be defined as some experimental hip-hop. I’d put it somewhere between NERD and the Cool Kids, but a lot rawer, almost gritty if anything else. The immediate comparison is Odd Future because of their originiality, but I don’t think the two are even comparable in terms of actual music. The beats are all bass heavy, something very reminiscent of the Cool Kids. “Fuck Yess” is an absolutely dope song and despite all the fairly basic and humorous lyrics, they drop more complex things like Nietzschean Theory. That shit is crazy.

Prehistoric Honey Baked Sounds may be the most unusual title I’ve ever heard for an album, but I think it fits well for these two; they’re unusual, but they are also very good. I’m not understanding the lack of love for these guys, because this is probably the best tape I’ve found in the past three weeks.

Download: Jasyc x BC-Prehistoric Honey Baked Sounds (Mixtape)