Sorry I’m late to the party; I was sitting around my computer at 9pm (10pm Eastern) waiting for this track to drop, got bored because of all the delays and decided to watch The Heat LeBron kill Dirk and the Mavs, it’s whatever though.

I’m not really sure what to think at this point. I give Cudi props for drifting toward a new genre, but if this is what the whole album is like I won’t be buying it. The thing I’ve always liked about Cudi, especially his older stuff, was his self-consciousness in his lyrics and the beats that he covered. Sounds like Ratatat is going to be on the album but I’m not sure that could even save it.

Cudi kind of slurs his way throughout the song and I just can’t see him singing to a beat like this. It’s rough. I know Cudi’s sober and all now, but maybe he should revert back for a little “inspiration.” It’s going to be interesting how this album turns out and I’m really hoping I’m wrong. Come on, Cudders, come through for us.