This is your Breakfast Cereal; think of it as your morning delivery. A song to get you going each morning, when we all know you want to sleep in and lay around for another four hours or so. So grab a spoon and dig in.

Damn, The Kooks are too good. This is off their Inside In/Inside Out album. I used to dig this album back in the day and listened to it countless hours while at the golf course. It’s funny because one of my friends (formerly known as Asshole Friend) is a hip-hop head like myself; however, we both love The Kooks. One night this year we came home drunk as fuck and decided we needed to listen to some music while we drunkenly played NHL11. What did we choose? NWA, Tribe Called Quest,  or even Odd Future? No, we decided The Kooks was perfect and we listened to all of Inside In/Inside Out and Konk for like three hours. Oh, did I mention we both know just about all the words to every Kooks song? Yeah, we drunkenly sang/screamed for three hours. Three fucking hours. The people below us probably thought we were making a gay porn or something and I’m still surprised no one called the cops. Which would have been hilarious. So, hopefully you’ll wake up this morning listening to the Kooks, or at worst, you’ll have a laugh at my drunken stupidity. Hopefully.