Here’s the highly anticipated “She” music video that Tyler has been trumping up for weeks. This was supposed to go up at 9pm Pacific time tonight, but god knows what will be happening then so the guys at Team OnSmash were kind enough to let it loose early.

“She” is one of my favorite songs on Goblin and the visuals are pretty sweet. Kind of a mind fuck, but at the same time it’s pretty solid and goes along with the track as well. I always bug out when Tyler’s eyes get all big and black and it’s just freaky to me. Ocean and his bomb ass komodo (?) are also pretty nice. Oh, the girl is pretty damn cute too. The video is about what I expected; creative but not necessarily as good as  “Yonkers” or something like that. Tyler’s got some skills creating videos, as evidence by his other stuff. Watch out Kanye, you may have some competition for most dope videos soon.