Bombay Bicycle Club is a group from across the pond in London. I’m shaking my head at the fact that I used such an idiom that stupid. Shyt. Well anyway, they’re an alternative group who may or may not have my favorite summer jam this year. I’m going to be confident and say they have. Spotted this song over at GMAD for the first time in forever and even though it’s pretty damn old, it’s still worth posting.
“Always Like This” is a pretty dope track, it’s not hip-hop like 99.6% of the stuff I post on here but it’s good nonetheless, and perfect for summer. The beat just seems so fun, and with an array of instruments it’s hard to not find something that suits your ear. I’ll bet, no, guarantee, that you will break out into some shitty white person dance when you hear this song. It’s too infectious.

Download: Bombay Bicycle Club-Always Like This