Hey guys, sorry for the lack of posts the last couple days. My laptop is fucked up and the screen stopped working, which hopefully makes sense why I haven’t posted shit.

You might remember that Kanye released an unfinished video for this like back in December, as in last year. This is the final cut. I’m debating on if he is a genius for releasing it now or not; with MBDTF starting to drop in popularity, it would make sense for him to release it now to gain some of that popularity back. Dats smart.

Kanye really is the best in the game at making dope ass music videos; I honestly can’t think of one that he’s ever put out that I haven’t liked. The visuals for “Monster” are dope, the whole zombie/vampire/dead people theme is a little unorthodox but obviously fits with the song. Gotta love the misogynistic warning at the beginning of the song too. I don’t know why, but I’ve always been digging the Nicki on Nicki scene, it’s cool I guess. Anyway, everyone on the song kills it including Ricky Ross, which may be an accomplishment in itself. Essentially dope visuals to go with a dope song.

Update: Guess all the YouTube videos are getting pulled. Here’s a link to the full video on KanyeWest.com