Here’s a new joint from Ja Rule called “Black Vodka.” It’s weird, I remember Ja going way harder back when I was a youngster with songs like “Livin’ It Up.” I also remember him doing some softer stuff with the likes of Ashanti and Jennifer Lopez (oh, that ass was nice). This definitely fits in the second category. Then of course, the dude was off the map for years, and besides playing some old Ja Rule to get a laugh at parties, the last I heard of him was that Dave Chappelle’s standup thang. Until now.

Overall, it’s a nice chill song, something that I would never really expect him to do solo. The beat is pretty mesmerizing and Ja keeps it slow. Still has that somehow deep and raspy voice, that was oddly possible for a guy that was 150 lbs. soaking wet. Could this be part of a comeback for my boy Ja Rule? I guess time will tell but Pain is Love 2 is slated to come out sometime in the near future. Give it a listen/download. Holla Holla.